Why nature is important

There is a lot of talking going on right now about nature preservation, green living and fighting global warming. All things I myself am a great partisan of. But why exactly is it that nature is so very important for us? Is it just because it’s pretty to look at, or makes us feel good? I think it goes even further than that. I think nature is the most intense connection we haven in this world with our own true nature. You don’t have to be a meditator or a spiritual practitioner to experience this, anyone can quite easily experience this in nature. Often when people describe their experiences with nature they usually describe the same qualities that arise in meditation: calmness, sharpness, love and a sense of being here and now. It is definitely possible to experience this state of mind in the middle of the city, but often we need a quite stable practice to keep this connection with nature when we are not directly surrounded with it. It is therefore very dangerous if we loose this connection with the strongest reminder of true nature that we have; nature itself. Nature reminds us perfectly of what we can let go of, all that keeps us from just being human. There is no discursiveness in nature, nothing unnecessary, all is quite raw and unpretentious. It reminds us of the fact that we can let go of unnecessary thoughts, that we can just be who we are and that that is OK. When we let go of this discursiveness we see that we have been limiting ourselves for a long time. If we destroy all of our nature, we also loose our biggest source of reminding us to this fact.